PWP 026: Gary Ware: The Importance of Play, how improv changed his life, and more!

Paul chats with Gary Ware on how improv changed his life, the importance of play in our lives, his company Breakthrough Play, and more! You will learn about: How Gary started doing improv … [Read more...]

PWP 021: The Experimental Podcast – Asking a group of people as many questions as possible in ten minutes!

The experimental podcast! I took part in a performance at The Dirt Buffet Cabaret. What is that, you may ask? Dirt Buffet Cabaret is a monthly cabaret of unexpected works in process curated by … [Read more...]

PWP 012: Derrick Johnson

I had the pleasure of having Derrick Johnson on the podcast. Derrick came on to talk about sketch comedy, his experiences at Second City, California, Pokemon Go, and more. You will learn … [Read more...]

PWP 008: Maya Cieszynska

A friend from my days of University, Maya Cieszynska and I had a great talk. We covered several topics in our chat. You will learn about: Her experiences with working in Toronto Improv … [Read more...]

PWP 006: Christine DeWitt

A good friend of mine that I have met through my improv adventures, Christine DeWitt and I had a great talk, along with a special appearance by her dog Lucky. Christine is a player at Rapid Fire … [Read more...]