PWP 027: Arya Salehi – On Poetry, Mindfulness, Seeing Potential, and more!

Paul chats with Arya Salehi on self-awareness, expressive arts therapy, mindfulness, his time teaching English in China, what he's working on now, seeing potential, and more. Links Seeing … [Read more...]

PWP 026: Gary Ware: The Importance of Play, how improv changed his life, and more!

Paul chats with Gary Ware on how improv changed his life, the importance of play in our lives, his company Breakthrough Play, and more! You will learn about: How Gary started doing improv … [Read more...]

PWP 024: Corey Grusden – On his company So Fetch, Slack bots, being a programmer for life, triathalons, and more!

Paul chats with Corey Grusden about his company So Fetch (yes, that's taken from Mean Girls), being a programmer for life, the importance of integrity, working on flight simulators, the Slack bot his … [Read more...]

PWP 023: Ben Freeland – Thoughts on A.I., Basic income, the future of arts, giving a shit, and more!

Paul chats with Ben Freeland on what the future of A.I. means for humanity, the future of the arts, poetry, his admiration for Sam Harris and more! Ben is (according to his Twitter) a writer, spoken … [Read more...]

PWP 022: Jason Amunwa- Improving Analytics software, Product Management, and more!

I had the pleasure of having Jason Amuwna from sunny San Diego on the podcast over Skype. Jason came by to talk shop on product management, the importance of analytics and why analytic software needs … [Read more...]