PWP 023: Ben Freeland – Thoughts on A.I., Basic income, the future of arts, giving a shit, and more!

Paul chats with Ben Freeland on what the future of A.I. means for humanity, the future of the arts, poetry, his admiration for Sam Harris and more! Ben is (according to his Twitter) a writer, spoken … [Read more...]

PWP 022: Jason Amunwa- Improving Analytics software, Product Management, and more!

I had the pleasure of having Jason Amuwna from sunny San Diego on the podcast over Skype. Jason came by to talk shop on product management, the importance of analytics and why analytic software needs … [Read more...]

PWP 020: The First Solocast- Answering my own Questions and Answering Some from Reddit

A Podcasts with Paul first! The first podcast where it's just Paul. What kind of things did I talk about? I answered my own questions that I ask to every podcast guest I discussed why … [Read more...]

PWP 019: Alec Forest- Classical piano, startup culture, and more!

I had the pleasure of having Alec Forest on the podcast. Alec came by to discuss books, classical piano, jazz piano, startup cultures, and more. You will learn about: His thoughts on startup … [Read more...]